I believe 100% that you are complete and whole, exactly as you are.

I know too that at least sometimes, you believe it as well. And sometimes, just like all humans, you can forget. Forget that you’re enough, you’re whole, you’re complete exactly as you are.

We see images and quotes all over that say “you are enough”, “own your greatness”, “be free”- and this is awesome.

The thing is, if you are currently in a state of not believing you are enough, seeing those quotes and images can sometimes make you feel even worse.

So how do we own our enough-ness?

Honestly, that’s going to be different for everyone. We all have our own process to go through to get to that space.

For now, watch this video.


Begin with a single breath. Whenever you forget, have a moment and breathe.

Owning your enough-ness starts with accepting the possibility that you are not broken.

Owning your greatness continues with mini check-ins every day, connecting with your breath and your center.

And if you’d like to explore what owning your enough-ness looks like for you, give me a call. 20 minutes, you and me, free conversation, no strings attached.

What brings you back to your greatness?