Coaching + Mentoring

What would your life be like if you gave yourself permission to put YOU first?

What would be possible for you if you chose to make time for what lights you up and sets your heart on fire?

You are here because you are a visionary, a fire-hearted creative, a warrior, a strong, embodied woman- or you know in your heart you would really like to be.

You know there is more to this life than what you’re currently experiencing- and you can feel that urge to dive deeper into the heart of who you are and what’s possible for you.

You can feel that it’s time to make a shift- to step into a life of greater awareness, self-acceptance, and creative power.

You’re ready to find out what it means to live truly unbound- to live a life of joy, adventure, freedom, and ease.

There are three core pillars to Unbound Living:

Mindset Mastery

Body Wisdom

Energetic Sovereignty

We work in these areas by combining tools and practices from many traditions so you can fully harness your power on all levels and feel alive, inspired, and worthy every single day.




Are you ready to take your place as the creator of your life and step into being unapologetically you?




All sessions and programs take place virtually over the phone or Zoom, and are available to you from anywhere in the world.

Here are the ways we can work together one on one:

Private Coaching + Mentoring

These programs create the container for really deep, long term transformation, and are the most intimate, full access support system I provide. You will be completely held in all areas of your life, and will have me in your back pocket for energy resets, perspective, being held, processing real-time situations, cheerleading, and more.

This is my favorite way to work with clients, because it creates the space for real growth, change, and opening to possibilities in your life. This is for the woman who isn’t looking for a quick fix or a band-aid, but rather who understands that the journey of transformation involves inquiry, exploration, time, and space.

When we work together, your program is fully customized to you and your needs, your visions, and what’s present for you right now.

Throughout our journey together, you will:


  • Learn to tap into your innate wisdom and intuition and develop a deep sense of trust in yourself- so you become your number one confidante, teacher, and asset in all areas of your life.
  • Understand the messages your body is sending you and learn how to build a great relationship so that you can feel amazing in her and access greater levels of pleasure, nourishment, confidence, and ease.
  • Rewire your mindset for maximum levels of happiness, magic, vitality, and joy every single day.
  • Clear out your energetic system of old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck and discover your unique energy. Learn how to cultivate and play with energy in a way that increases your capacity for success, abundance, love, and creativity in all areas of your life.
  • Create customized rituals, frameworks, and processes that work for optimizing your life and keep you tapped in to your magic, regardless of what life throws at you.
  • Make changes and see lasting results in areas including but not limited to your relationship with your body, self-worth, creative projects, emotional processing and resilience, intuition and trust, courageous living, and more.

What your program includes:


  • We will work together in a 6 or 12 month container, depending on what is the best fit.
  • We will meet regularly for virtual sessions
  • High priority email and text message support with Kate- I’ll be there for you every step of the way
  • Customized practices to work with between sessions
  • Guaranteed space in and access to all of my online courses, group programs and events during our work together
  • Magical surprises!



This work is for the woman who understands that there are no “quick fixes” in life, and is also open to the fact that life doesn’t have to be a struggle in order to receive what she desires.

She is open and willing to receive support, even if this kind of work is new to her.

She is willing to invest in herself, because she knows that deciding to spend time, money, and energy on becoming the most brilliant version of herself and having her own back is priceless, and will do whatever it takes to choose herself and her path of joy and ease.

She is ready to do the work and make different choices, and is open to not knowing what’s going to come next.

Investment for private coaching begins at $800/month.

Ready to explore what’s possible?


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