Truth. Power. Self-Love. Self-Acceptance. Creative Expression. Freedom.

All the answers you need are inside of you. I am here to help you clear away anything preventing you from accessing those answers, to show you ways to tap into your inner wisdom, and hold space for you to trust that what arises is real for you.

Our work together is sacred. When you choose to step into this space and embark on this journey of embodiment, of liberation, of becoming Unbound, you are not alone. I am with you every step of the way.

There are several ways for us to work together, depending on what best fits your needs right now. You may be at a place of exploration and discovery, desiring to dip your toes in but not sure what makes the most sense long term. You may be ready to dive in, devoted to the long term process of Unbinding and Rising. Wherever you are is absolutely perfect. And if you’re not sure, schedule a consultation call and we will assess together what makes the most sense for you right now.

    There is no “one size fits all” with this work. The containers set up below have been created as they are to provide the space for customization and to meet you where you’re at.

    Schedule a complimentary consultation below to discuss which program is the best fit for you:

    Private Coaching + Mentoring

    These programs create the container for really deep, long term transformation, and are the most intimate, full access support system I provide. You will be completely held in all areas of your life, and will have me in your back pocket for energy resets, perspective, being held, processing real-time situations, cheerleading, and more.

    When we work together, your program is fully customized to you and your needs, your visions, and what’s present for you right now.

    All sessions and programs take place virtually over the phone or Zoom, and are available to you from anywhere in the world.

    Here are the ways we can work together one on one:

    6 Weeks of Radical Transformation

    This six week experience is designed to work on a specific issue coming up in your life. It’s perfect if you aren’t ready to commit to a longer program, but know you could benefit from this work, or you have something specific you would like to work through with laser focused support.

    Women who choose this program come to work on things like:
    Body image issues, Relationship issues, Having better boundaries, Weight Loss related to emotions and energy, Connecting with their truth and purpose, Self-Love, Connecting with their intuition, Emotional eating, WTF should I do with my life, Getting unstuck with creative projects, and more.

    Each session will be focused on clearing out what’s getting in your way, going straight to the heart of the matter, and providing you with specific tools, practices, and rituals to enact change and help you step into and embody a new way of being regarding your specific issue.


    How this works:

    You make your first payment, either pay in full or split into two payments.
    From there, you will receive your welcome packet, intake questionnaire, and link to schedule your first session with me.


    Over the course of the six weeks, you will have:

    • 4x hour long private sessions with Kate via video conference
    • Email and Voxer (walkie talkie app) correspondence for support between sessions
    • Customized inquiry practices, assignments, and rituals to move you forward and keep momentum in between sessions
    • Ongoing energetic clearing and support

    You will walk away with clear practices and action steps to continue to go deeper with your specific topic, a new way of being in your body, mind, and energy, and greater trust in your body, inner wisdom, and self.

    Your Investment: $1800


    To sign up for Liberate, choose your payment plan below:

    $1800 – Pay in Full


    2 Payments of $900

    Not sure if this is for you?

    Click here to schedule a consultation call and get your questions answered.
    We will decide together which program makes the most sense for you.

    6 or 12 Months of Complete, Embodied Support

    This is my favorite way to work with clients, because it creates the space for real growth, change, and opening to possibilities in your life. This is for the woman who isn’t looking for a quick fix or a band-aid, but rather who understands that the journey of transformation involves inquiry, exploration, time, and space.

    Within a 6 or 12 month container, we will work together on all levels- mind, body, energy, and spirit. You will have the time and space to deconstruct everything that isn’t working in your life, and open yourself up to deep embodiment of your truth and power.

    In our work together, you will:

    • Uncover and unbind the old patterns and conditioning keeping you from your inner wisdom- everything that keeps you feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed will be brought to light and cleared away so you can create and be with ease.
    • Align you and your body together into a partnership that allows you to thrive and step fully and deeply into the truth of who you are and your purpose on this planet, all while increasing your health and well-being.
    • Create the conditions that allow your body to be your most powerful ally – as your energetic compass, your decision maker, fueling you, and guiding you.
    • Work through the beliefs that your body is unruly, something to be tamed and controlled, something shameful or dirty, something not to be trusted.
    • Dismantle the conditioning that keeps you prisoner to your body image issues, diets and exercises, guilt and shame, binge eating, and whatever else shows up for you.
    • Understand why and how to change these patterns- completely reorient your way of being to receive from your body.
    • Create great boundaries in all areas of your life- work, family, home, relationships- you will learn how to take back your power, stand firmly in what you need, and you will do so from a place of rootedness, truth, and grace.
    • No more FOMO, no more over-extending yourself, no more chasing enoughness.
    • Understand your Unique Energetic Blueprint and how to thrive by working with your cycles and rhythms.
    • Know where and how to focus your energy and what practices will support your growth, expansion, and success in a grounded and healthy way.
    • Navigate complex and complicated relationships so that you are able to retain your power, show up with equal parts fierceness and kindness, and create the world YOU want to live in.
    • Learn how to work with your emotions so they can help you rather than work against you, and so you can express and process them in a healthy way.
    • Get to know your inner authority and the way you receive messages so you will TRUST yourself above all else.
    • Learn how to put YOU at the center of your world and fill yourself up regularly so that you are never burned out again and so you can increase your impact, energy, and creative power without sacrificing your well-being.

     What your program includes: 

    • We will work together in a 6 or 12 month container, depending on what is the best fit.
    • 90 minute Activation Session to begin your program
    • We will meet regularly (3x per month) for virtual sessions
    • 1 Day Virtual Retreat every 6 months (option to upgrade to in person)
    • Ritual Retreat Box delivered to your door every 6 months
    • High priority email and text message support with Kate- I’ll be there for you every step of the way
    • Customized practices to work with between sessions
    • Guaranteed space in and access to all of my online courses, group programs and events during our work together
    • Magical surprises!

    Each session will be customized to exactly what you need. There are many places we can begin this work, and I am committed to meeting you where you are and co-creating an experience and program that will best serve your needs and realities.

    This work is for the woman who understands that there are no “quick fixes” in life, and is also open to the fact that life doesn’t have to be a struggle in order to receive what she desires.

    She is ready and willing to commit to herself for the long term, and is dedicated to walking in her truth and living fully ALIVE.
    She is open and willing to receive support, even if this kind of work is new to her.
    She is willing to invest in herself, because she knows that deciding to spend time, money, and energy on becoming the most brilliant version of herself and having her own back is priceless, and will do whatever it takes to choose herself and her path of joy and ease.
    She is ready to do the work and make different choices, and is open to not knowing what’s going to come next.

    Ready to explore what’s possible?

    Your Investment: $800 / month

     Due to the nature of this work, before we begin you are required to either fill out an application or have a consultation call with me. I am committed to only working with clients who are ready, who I resonate with, and who resonate with me

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