There is a magical sparkly baton that is being passed around the blogging community at the moment and where normally I run away from chain mail style situations (seriously, don’t email me and ask me to send some random person a recipe or motivational quote), this felt different, and really cool.

When you get your hands on the baton you take your turn in telling the world why it is you do what you do. It started off as a ‘Why I Write’ thing but seems to have evolved into a ‘Why I Do What I Do’ thing, which I love talking about, and feel like it’s worth expressing.

I received said baton from the lovely and fabulous Natalie Vartanian, your go-to girl for all things love and tarot! Natalie is an amazing love guru and tarot mama, and her post is hella inspiring. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never said ‘hella’ before, so, it’s legit. (Check it out here).

Sooo….. let’s do this!

Why I Do What I Do

I do what I do because it breaks my heart to see people keep themselves small out of fear of being alone, to see them procrastinate and resist the very things they know will bring them deep joy and lasting happiness.

It is truly my mission and core desire to create an experience of life based in connection, love, and freedom for myself and others, and the most effective way I know to do this is to heal my relationship with myself, and to guide others in doing the same.

When I was growing up, I never felt comfortable in my body or with myself. I didn’t understand why it seemed like it was so easy for everyone else to fit in and just do what they were told. As I got older, I realized that most people felt that way. And I began to wonder why then no one ever talked about feeling left out, alone, ashamed, out of control.

I do what I do because in sharing my stories, in giving my experiences, I give others permission to do the same, and to realize that they are not alone. You are not alone.


I am a healer, and when I guide people to remembering their wholeness, their power, their light, it fills me up with energy and inspiration like nothing else on this planet.

It began with teaching yoga and giving people a way to connect their purpose with their movements.

I became a yoga teacher because yoga was the first form of movement that slowed my mind down, and a slow asana practice helped me rehab my knee post ultimate frisbee injury better than the physical therapist did. Somewhere deep inside me I knew that yoga had the power to heal, and that I was meant to give people that gift.

As I wound my way through various forms of body work, heart work, and mindset work, I discovered how much we (myself included) hold ourselves back in all areas of our lives. We fear freedom as much as we desire it.

I do what I do because healing comes in all forms- movement, conversations, breakthroughs, energy shifts, acceptance- and the number one thing women especially long to heal is their relationship with themselves and the bodies they live in. When we heal this relationship, the fear of freedom falls away and we can step fully into our desires.

Creation is another form of healing. I create because I have no choice but to create. Words and images and colors and sounds pour out of me from some place beyond my understanding. Stories, paintings, songs- it’s pure magic. And when I am making art, I’m not thinking about my body, or other people, or how it’s all going to work out. I simply get to be.

When I don’t create I get depressed. Anxious. Sick. Disconnected. Creating heals just as much as movement; in fact, creating is a form of movement- a transfer of energy into something concrete.

The women who work with me are creators. Powerful ones, at that. And when they come to me, often they are living in the anxiety and disconnect- cut off from creativity and locked in a battle with their bodies and selves.

I do what I do because to witness the transformation back into creator, the remembrance of wholeness and power, is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

And finally, I travel because I am a wanderer at heart. Through art and movement and connecting within, I feel at home everywhere I go.

The wildness within me yearns for the open road, forests and jungles, mountains and oceans, and I’ve learned to heed the call. As I’ve come home to myself I’ve created powerful freedom in every area of my life. And I long for those who choose a similar path to join me in the way I feel- fierce, inspired, exquisite, connected, and free.

When I try and do other work, it falls flat. My purpose on this planet is to heal and spread joy- to give a new experience where we each honor and care for ourselves as exquisitely as we possibly can, and make decisions from a place of deep knowing and trust within.

Join me?


And now it’s time to pass along blog-baton in the direction of these 3 fabulous women, who I met through various online groups and who I absolutely adore. Can’t wait to read their posts, and to continue spreading the love!


Michaela Cristallo inspires people to live their best creative lives every single day through her website For the Creators where she shares her deepest creative wisdom, insights and get-moving-strategies with creators of all kinds. Michaela works with artists, designers, writers, crafters and a host of other creative types, helping them to show up to the studio, do their best work and find the magic in their art. She’s here to get you moving, unstuck, fired up and ready to create! You can find sassy, creative self over at


Paula Lawes is a blogger, writer and regular ‘Pollyanna’. Her love is to share her experiences, good or bad and steer others in embracing their own growth journey. You can find her marvelous writing daily at The Daily a site dedicated to daily inspiring, thought provoking and growth motivating articles.




Chanelle is the Mind & Movement Coach at Train Outside the Box.  She is inspired by coaching women to build a greater mind-body connection in fitness & in life. She believes movement in the body instigates change in the mind and an overall improved well-being in life. Because having both a fulfilled life & movement practice is possible. Her approach is holistic and helps you be ambitiously athletic and fabulously free without the aches and pains of overtraining and overthinking. A prankster and goofball at heart, you can find her freckled self and silly jokes at


Definitely check out their sites in the next week or two to see what they have to say about why they do what they do! If you would like to connect and build a great relationship with your body now that you know why I do what I do, sign up for a complimentary Body Breakthrough Session today!