It’s super easy to be enthusiastic and fired up when everything is going well.

A lot of times we talk about feeling alive and finding freedom and all that good stuff (myself included), and leave out the question- “but what about when I don’t feel good and have zero motivation and don’t want to do ANYTHING?”

Most of us know what turns us on.  Most of us know how to create more freedom and excitement in our lives (or are starting to understand how). At the very least, most of us know how we want to feel. I love feeling alive, free, strong, energized… don’t you?


Why don’t we DO the things that we know get us excited and make us feel good and happy for the rest of the day?
What stops us from finding those things that allow us to feel on top of the world, day in and day out?

I KNOW that when I get out there in the middle of a big city I feel the vibrant energy and it picks me up. I KNOW when I do a kickass workout I’m going to feel like a badass afterward (It’s science… link to endorphin article). When I explore the world, explore my capabilities, explore what freedom and independence means… I feel so happy and so alive.

The reason we don’t do the things that make us feel this way is that somewhere, deep down (or maybe not so deep) we don’t think we deserve it.

That’s it. Simple, right?

This is something I understood for a long time intellectually, in my head, but didn’t really get it or believe it in my heart. I still would self-sabotage and procrastinate on things that I knew were going to feel amazing or get me out of a funk.

Why? Because there was a part of me that really thought I was supposed to feel miserable. I wouldn’t make movement and exploration priorities, because I didn’t think I was allowed to have that much fun. Crazy, right?

Here’s the deal:
Make the things that feel good a priority. Period.

When you find yourself making excuses, ask what the real motive is behind them. Yeah, it can be annoying to hop on the train for 45 minutes just to get to kickboxing class. But is it worth how awesome you’ll feel afterward? If the answer is yes, just do it.

Spark that fire in yourself. Don’t wait for permission from someone else.

Is it really true you don’t deserve to feel good?

NO- You ABSOLUTELY deserve to feel amazing.

Get fired up. Do the things that make you feel alive. Especially when you don’t have time for them. This is your wake up call- lovingly get up off your ass and do something amazing. Or maybe for you it’s gently sitting down and taking some time off. Whatever it is- do it with intention, and choose to feel good.

Report back here 🙂