Gosh the internet is awesome. WE CAN DO SO MANY COOL THINGS.

Today’s prompt (Day 20) of the 30 Day Blog Challenge says, “State your top 3 tools that you will use (or already use) to save time and money and make your online world more seamless.”

Currently I use:


I had AWeber for awhile, then switched to MailChimp. Both are great. It’s so easy to send emails and make them look pretty (or at least halfway decent). Looking forward to upgrading to the paid version so I can set up auto responders!


Great for site hosting, pretty inexpensive. It’s only gone down once in the 3 years I’ve hosted sites on it, and the customer support is stellar. Also easy WordPress integration and unlimited email accounts. Baller.


I’ve had PayPal since approximately 2001 when I discovered eBay. Awesome. I send all my invoices through PayPal, and while service charges can be annoying, it’s super easy to use. Don’t have it on my site yet for purchasing coaching, but that will be next!


What I’m looking to integrate:


Social Media consistency is so important, and I am not awesome at it. I have a HootSuite account, and when I was marketing manager at Align and Profit, I used it all the time. Scheduling posts? Awesome.

LeadPages & LeadPlayer.

I HAVE LeadPages. I use it for clients. Why don’t I use it for myself? Great question, no idea. Time to do that!
LeadPlayer is awesome for videos- I love sites that use it, so as I start making more videos, this will be an awesome addition.


Love it. Don’t have digital products yet, but I will. And they are front runners so far in how I will get those to people!


That’s it for today. Pretty straightforward. I’ve done all the research. Time to IMPLEMENT!