We have work routines, planners, calendars, time management systems, project management systems, morning routines, meeting schedules, appointment makers, editorial calendars… you name it, there is an app, software, or course for that.

These things are great- without them, I know I would be lost. Evernote, Outright, Google Calendar, TimeTrade, Productivity Planners, Asana, Self-Control… to name a few.

Love ’em.

But none of these tools are the real keys to my success. Life would sure be more scattered and less organized, but I would survive.

Day 7 of the blog challenge asks, “Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?”

And honestly? The real tools that help me maintain my mindset are my play tools and creativity tools.

My yoga mat

When I’m on my mat, anything goes. I am free to move, to breathe, to be still, to play, to practice, to stretch, to strengthen, to meet my edge, to be gentle, to be fierce, to embody pure love and expression. This daily practice connects me to Me.

Pretty journals + my favorite pens

Currently I have 6 different journals I write in regularly. Brain dump, meditations + musings, yoga flows + class inspiration, creativity + exploration, dreams + freedom, business plans + ideas. I keep them separate for more fluidity for me- sometimes I will simultaneously write in several of them. Sometimes one will be left alone for awhile. But no matter what, every day, I am writing.

Daily meditation

A time to be still. Breathe. Listen. Be. Calm the mind and allow intuition to gently guide me to where I will do the most good each day.

Body weight strength + challenges

Moving my body every day in a way that makes me stronger and challenges me is essential. Building to things I previously was unable to do in my body allows me to do the same elsewhere in my life. Moving every day does amazing things for your mind, your health, and your sense of self.

Real food

When I cook and eat well, I feel good. Period. Fresh veggies, delicious smoothies, sweet treats, breakfast salads- these bring sharpness to my mind, energy to my body, and strength to my immune system. The more I live my dream, my brand, my ideal life, the more consistent this becomes.

Dream collages

Like smaller, portable vision boards. Usually in a journal, providing me a creative outlet, allowing my creativity and imagination to run wild and be represented visually, a reminder of all the lovely things coming to me. Done whenever I feel compelled- especially around birthdays, changing seasons, major life events.


Yesterday I asked you to choose what lights you up. Today, decide to do those things on a regular basis. Create your freedom and your play space, and then go play!


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