Day 18 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge asks, “What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?”

On Day 16 when I wrote about building my team, I included Brand Ambassadors as a part of my team. Having a group of people who believe in you and will be a mega fan of everything you do is HUGE for building up your business. I am an ambassador (some official and some self-proclaimed) for quite a few different people and businesses, and am starting to look into affiliate marketing right now.

As I create products and test out different coaching ideas, I have been doing low-cost work with quite a few different people to help hone my offerings and make them kick-ass final products. My hope is these people will be the start of my ambassador crew.

Eventually Free To Be will have both Affiliates and a Street Team, all under the heading of Ambassadors (or some cooler name!).

Affiliate Team:

I see two types of affiliate groups here:

#1: Affiliate Partners.
These are people who also have their own great products and services to sell. It is likely that I have either used their products and think they are so badass I want to support them, and/or I trust them deeply and know they provide killer content to their peeps. With this group, I will pimp out their stuff, and they will do the same for me.

#2: Affiliate Crew.
These people don’t necessarily have their own stuff to sell, but they’ve been a part of my offerings and love them so much they tell all their friends and social media outlets. I mean, if they are referring people to me, they should totally get some compensation for that!

Street Team:

This group is on the ground marketing, passing out flyers for workshops & retreats, promoting on social media, spreading the word, wearing the clothes, manning booths at festivals (mainly of the yoga and music variety) for retreats and clothing, and they do their work in exchange for free clothes and admission, early access and discounts to retreats, and other perks that come up that aren’t monetary compensation. Might overlap with affiliate crew.

I will also eventually have a specific Sales Manager who oversees all of these people, as well as works with my Event Coordinator to fill workshops, courses, retreats and conferences.