A new kind of worship…

I want to share something with you today- something that both plays a HUGE role in feeling at home with and confident in who I am and that my Midwestern, semi-Catholic upbringing would, on the whole, certainly not approve of. Not even a little bit.

I never really liked going to church as a kid. Well, I liked Sunday school and learning bible stories and memorizing prayers (we got prizes), but on the whole everything we talked about or did in church felt very far away from my immediate existence, and after high school topics like religion, spirituality, ritual, and mythology became relegated to academia and art history classes- almost purely theory, not so much practice.

If you told the me of 6 years ago that I would be back in church and loving it now, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Nowadays, I attend church daily. But not a church in the way you’re probably thinking.

Because for this church, I don’t have to go anywhere.

I don’t have to wear modest clothing or be quiet.

In fact, I don’t even have to get out of bed.

Every day when I wake up, I worship in the church of ME.

My Sunday school teacher would probably have a heart attack if I told her that.

An outrage! Sacrilege! Scandal!
…or something like that.

And before you close out of this email, I invite you to remain open and hear me out.

The Church of ME is like ‘Self-Love Practices’ on steroids.

This is one way in which I take a stand for myself and my existence on this planet. It’s a declaration that I am here, and I am enough.

To consider myself worthy of worship and devotion places me on the plane of the sacred. It says “I am divine, and my existence matters.”

And for most of us in contemporary society, we grew up learning exactly the opposite-

We learned that our bodies are projects to be worked on, objects to improve and make smaller- because taking up less space and focusing on the superficial is socially acceptable.

We learned to tone down our sexuality and sensuality, because it makes other people uncomfortable and “invites in unwanted attention”.

We learned that pleasure is a sin and that feeling really really good is not the way to live your life. Sacrifice, hard work, struggle- these were awarded instead.

And you know what?

I’m really freaking over that.

I have a vision of the world in which we are all devotees of the pleasurable human experience. A world where ‘body’ is synonymous with ‘home’ and full and free self-expression is the norm rather than the exception.

And to create that vision? It’s not something I can do alone. You’re a huge part of it.

It has taken a lot for me to honor myself as a Goddess- a devotee of sacred, wild freedom. To commit to connecting with my body and my self in a way that leaves no choice but deep, radical love for myself and the world around me.

And ultimately, it means very little if I am unable to share that with you. Because we are all connected- part of a greater whole, and made up of the same energy. What’s divine and sacred and wild in me is divine and sacred and wild in you.

Self-love and feeling at home in your skin can’t be created from logic and the mind, and it can’t be created in a bubble or separate from the world..

It begins with taking a stand. For yourself, for your sacredness, for your wild and precious life.

Choosing this path is a practice, and it begins with showing up.

Are you ready to show up for yourself?

What would it be like to wake up each morning and worship in the Church of YOU?
To see and know yourself as holy, magical, and worthy?

Bring awareness to the way in which you experience your world. Explore what it would be like to put yourself and your experiences first, moment by moment- to express the unexpressed, to show up wild and untamed, fully honoring YOU.

Your body is the sacred temple that houses the wildness of your soul.

Take a Stand.

Choose Yourself.

It’s time for worship.

How can you honor yourself today? In what way, big or small, can you meet yourself where you’re at and say ‘hello, darling’?

You are divine. You are magic. I see you.

To your sacredness, my dear.
With love,

By the way…

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