Getting way behind in the middle of challenges seems to be a particular talent I have. It’s a good reminder for me that while it’s okay to not be perfect, it does matter that you do, in fact, get back into it, and that you approach it in a way that feels good to you! (Whatever ‘it’ is). [This post was actually written on 8/21]

Today’s prompt is about business models.

What’s cool about being an artist or an entrepreneur is there are so many different ways we can create value and make money, and if something is seriously not fun or is dragging your creativity down, the option to change how you are doing something is always there.

That being said, pretty much every business model coms down to a mixture of four different elements:

  • Selling Yourself
  • Selling Other People’s Stuff
  • Active Revenue Streams
  • Residual Income

It’s important to know what these are and how they fit in with what you are building, because when you know what works best for you, everything within those four elements is up for playing with.

Chances are, at some point along the line in your business you will utilize all four of these elements.

It can get kind of of overwhelming to think about ALL THE POSSIBILITIES, especially to the point where you get stuck in idea mode.

I love the question today, because it forces me to just pick one thing and get started on that!

Day 11 of the Blog Challenge asks, Which Business Model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

Selling Myself!
As a natural teacher and facilitator, I am at my best when I am in front of people and taking an active role in guiding them to their desired outcomes.

Coming up on this site will be yoga classes, body weight workouts, meditations, and more.

I am also working on shifting a lot of what I do in person to the online realm, including one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and access to me via retreats and courses.

While I am interested to a degree in selling other people’s stuff, I don’t think this will be a main source of revenue for me- I am much more likely to collaborate on something and be a part of it, or at least have thoroughly tested and approved something as being beneficial for my people before selling it!

I love being around people and working directly with them, so I gravitate toward active revenue streams. Currently I am doing group workshops and one-on-one coaching, and that is working out really well.

There will definitely be more variance down the road, but if I try and focus on too many things all at once, nothing gets done!

Curious- what model are you currently employing? How is that working out for you?