Today’s prompt for the 30-Day Blog Challenge is to write down my perfect day in the present tense. As we’ve been exploring this week, the clearer you are on your definition of freedom, happiness, perfection, etc., the easier it will be to move in that direction each and every day.

My perfect day:

I wake up slowly, with a smile on my face, sun peeking in to the room I’m sleeping in.
My first thought is “Yes! I love my life!”

I stretch my whole body before I open my eyes, moving around in the giant fluffy bed.
It smells like a fresh summer day, sea air, and freshly brewing coffee.

Opening my eyes, I take a few minutes to think about what I’m grateful for as I get up and do a few more stretches and movements.
I throw open the curtains and the windows, seeing the beautiful ocean laid out below me, sun sparkling on the water, and I know it’s going to be an amazing day.

Wandering into the kitchen, I am greeted by coffee, a delicious meal (breakfast salad and toast!), and have them slowly, sitting outside taking in the view.
My journal and whatever book I am reading come with me, and I spend some time reading and writing.
From here, I have plenty of time to move through a yoga flow, do some strength training, and meditate.

After a nice shower and another meal, I open up my computer.
This day includes 2 client calls, connecting with my people, a chat with my upcoming retreat partner finalizing some details of what we are teaching, and receiving word from my team that everything is going perfectly on the backend and with the upcoming class series and travel schedule.

In the afternoon, I head to the event center to teach a class in my current workshop series, excited for the sold out session and all of the magic that is going to happen.
Teaching and guiding and learning,
I leave several hours later feeling warm, glow-y, and heart-full.

The evening is spent exploring and wandering, then meeting up with people I adore for a delicious meal and a whole lot of laughter!
We talk and connect and enjoy each other’s company, before heading home to wind down, express gratitude, and drift off to sleep.


Mmmmm. Just writing this gave me an amazing sense of peace. I feel more connected to myself, to my vision, to what is being laid out before me.

Though I don’t have all of these things right now, the more I tune in to the present moment, the happier and more peaceful I become. An exercise like this is a beautiful reminder to live as close to perfection as possible, every single day.

Even when we feel a long way from perfection, the invitation is to get present. To center in the body, to cultivate love and abundance, and to find the joy and play right here, right now.

What does perfection look like for you?