So, you probably have a vision. And if you are anything like the people I like to hang out with, my guess is it’s a big one. You know you’re on the right path, following your purpose, creating your art– but has it ever felt SO big and overwhelming that you don’t know what step to take next?

You ever see so clearly what it is you want- but you get stuck anyway?

Don’t worry- you’re not alone. We live in an awesome time where we are given permission to dream big, live on purpose, and go after what matters. As creative freedom makers, there’s a LOT going on up there in our brains– and that overwhelming, not sure where to go next feeling is an epidemic in our society. We can see the end result, but freak out about the little (and big!) things that are needed to make it happen.

Not to fear! Most of that stuckness, if not all, comes from getting lost in HOW to make everything happen, how to realize your dreams in a specific way.


So here’s something fun to do when you get stuck:

One of my favorite games to play is ‘What would my dreams dream about?’

Say what? Hold on, we can get even more meta than that, but really, ask yourself-

What would the person who is living all of your dreams dream about?

Think about that for a minute.


An example from my life:

My dream is to bring freedom, movement, play, and creative flow to all people in the world through authentic connection, adventurous experiences, and gatherings of movers and influencers. Specifically, to create collaborations of at least 10 retreats and conferences all over the world per year and reach 1 million people to celebrate movement, play, mindfulness, and leading a great life.

That’s big. Really big. Sometimes it feels too big. I can picture it, but I don’t know where to start. Baby steps seem to lead nowhere, and bigger steps are too scary. What then?

This exercise can be incredibly freeing. Rather than getting locked up on how to create a particular vision or getting lost in a 20 page to-do list (anyone?), it opens us up to what else is possible.

I get really stuck in my body when I focus too hard on trying to figure it all out. Those are the times I head for the jar of peanut butter, quit the creative stuff I’m in the middle of, tense up in my neck and shoulders, and start to feel paralyzed worrying about everything. That’s when the questioning and doubting start, and I lose the momentum and bits of foundation I’ve been creating.

The game here is to free up that stuck-ness and rejuvenate the flow of lightness, creativity, and energy.

Here goes. Two steps. We actually already played it up there a few paragraphs back. Let’s go again. Ready?

1. Think about a dream you have. Imagine it, feel it coming to fruition, picture the whole experience (sights, smells, sounds, who is with you, what are you wearing…)

2. Now, imagine you are the person in that dream, and you have everything you could possibly desire. Got it? Good. What is your dream now?

Coming back to my example, rather than wonder how on earth I’m going to put on a three day conference, or even stopping at picturing it being a raging success, I like to imagine myself presenting a charity, foundation, or group with a million dollar check that came from money raised at the conferences, and getting praise for the people my organization has trained to bring back play and health into classrooms and businesses all over the world.

Do I have a conference yet? Well, no. Have I started an organization? Not presently. Will I? You bet! And by focusing on that end result rather than how I’m going to get there, I’m back in a space of possibility and movement.

This frees up so much. There is now space in my body, in my thoughts, in my approach. I don’t suddenly have all the answers for how to proceed, of course, but this game can open you up so much to what else is possible by releasing that dream you have as your end all, be all result of what it means to be successful and happy.

Quit playing at the level of someone who hasn’t made your dreams happen yet. Quit worrying about stuff you have no control over and give yourself a different experience of life by asking what else is possible.


Next time you’re stuck or freaking out, take a deep breath and ask yourself- What else is possible?

And let us know in the comments- What would the person who is living all of your dreams dream about?

Play big my friends.