Hi dear one,

I’m writing to you today on little sleep, and feeling the state of the world so deeply right now.

There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, confusion, and more around the election here in the US (and across the world), and I want you to know that whatever you are feeling is perfectly valid.

I was awoken with a jolt around 4am today and these words poured out of me. They are for me, they are for you, the are for all of us.

Thank you for being here. I feel you and see you and honor you. <3


This is a call to wake up. Not just on an intellectual or theoretical level. This is a call to choose where we stand. To bring our voices to the table and to act in accordance with our values. To make an effort for the shifts we desire to see in this world.

I am guilty of apathy and avoidance. I am guilty of allowing my privilege to be a buffer between my beliefs and the actions I take (or don’t take).

And I keep hearing the very first verse of the Yoga Sutras in my mind and in my heart, over and over again.

Loosely and sparsely translated, verse 1.1 of the Yoga Sutras reads:

“Now begins the study of yoga.”

Yoga.. a word meaning a myriad of things. On a basic level, union.

Now begins the study and practice of union. The study and practice of choosing what we want to be tethered to. The study and practice of breaking binds and paradigms that no longer serve us, and consciously deciding what path to take.

This sutra also shares that no matter where we are, no matter where our experiences lie, no matter where we have been or who we are… we always are at the beginning. There are always new layers and depths to experience, and we are all in a place of beginning anew, day after day.

I keep seeing a vision of a forest fire. Lightning and balls of fire are falling from the sky, threatening to destroy the land, the people, and hope.

And on the edge of this forest, there are people gathering. Luminous, bright hearted, fiery warriors of love and community. And these warriors are calling the rain. They are calling the waters to wash away the pain, the fear, the despair, the destruction.

They (we) stand solid in the earth, connected to each other and to the greater web of creation. Feeling the fear and calling for water, for life, anyway.

Because water is life. Standing Rock, the presidential election, Brexit.. it’s all connected. It’s all connected to the upheavals that happen when something new is emerging.

Water. Flow. Divine Feminine. Integrated with the Masculine Creation.

When the world is on the brink of revolution- and my loves, that is exactly where we have been for some time now- old world ideologies come out in full force, and oftentimes the extremes that are made known are the last holdouts.

Like the Devil card in the tarot deck, our societal consciousness and collective has been trapped for a long time- trapped by limiting beliefs, addictions, consumerism, rise of disease, and disconnection from source.

We, as a collective, have set ourselves up for a Tower experience. Where everything comes tumbling down. The lightning bolts of the tower create the forest fire- they are the flashes of truth that bring destruction to everything that has been built on a lie, on fear, on foundations of inequality.

We can see this as the end. We can fall into despair. Or we can be the warriors. The ones standing on the edge of the forest, calling in the healing waters of truth, love, and union.

Now begins the study and practice.

Now, more than ever, doing what you need to do to experience yourself as a sovereign being MATTERS.

We NEED a world where women (and all genders / skin colors / etc.) feel safe to be in their bodies.

We need to wake up to the fact that spending energy on being liked, spending energy on maintaining our image, spending energy on trying to control things is NOT what’s going to create the world we want to live in.

Now is a time to get clear on who you are, what you’re about, and how you are going to show up in the world.

Now is the time to learn how to have your energy, your emotions, your thoughts, and your body work FOR you.

The time to battle them is done. The time to be unconscious about them is done.

Learn your energy. Learn your soul. Study and practice.

And today, especially, as always…

Feel your emotions. Allow yourself to rage, fear, cry, yell, shake, whimper, curl up – whatever you need to do.

Allow them to process through and out, and ask your body to help you do this.

It’s completely okay to feel exactly how you feel.

And then?

Decide what you stand for.

It’s easier to practice unity when everything is going our way.

It’s easier to remember to take care of ourselves when things feel relatively calm and peaceful.

It’s easier to say “he’s not MY president” and to lament the state of the country / world, to distance yourself from it rather than admit you are a part of it.

It’s easier to joke about moving to another country.


Now is not the time to run away. Now is not the time to turn away.

Lightning and fire can devastate. Oftentimes we don’t know the aftermath of the destruction for years to come. And with this, we have no idea what is coming next.

The unknown is a weird place to be.

Hold on to the knowledge that you are not alone in calling down the rains, calling for healing, higher vibrations, equality, and safety.

For the card that follows the Tower, the destruction, the fire, is the Star Card.

The Star brings hope, renewal, peace, and connection. Often depicted in relationship to water, pouring water, drinking water, being nourished by water. The Star shows us strength, and equal connections between the earth (physical realms) and water (intuitive, spiritual realms), with an emphasis on the star as the crown, the connection to spirit and a higher calling.

And listen.

I know we aren’t there yet. We, as a society, are somewhere in the midst of the Devil and the Tower. Mired in our addictions and fears, and on the brink of some kind of destruction. And that can be a scary place to be.

The point of all of this is to recognize that THIS IS NOT THE END.

This is the beginning.

This is the time, more than ever to PRACTICE.

To choose to CARE for yourself and CONNECT to your body, your heart, your spirit, the universe.

Sometimes the most radical political act is that in which you choose to care for yourself no matter what.

Now begins the study and practice of yoga.

Anywhere in your being that there isn’t unity, it’s going to be called forth. Anywhere there is a disconnect in your body, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your spirituality- we are being called to LOOK at those places and start to build bridges between them.

Now more than ever our collective is calling for integration. Wholeness. Union.

And we get there by practicing within ourselves. By choosing to look at the darkness as well as the light. To make friends with our shadows and fears, our aches and pains. To remember always the light and the love, and to understand that all of this is what makes up our sweet, sweet humanity.

I understand this takes time. Lifetimes.

This practice and study of yoga, of union, of truth, of integrity, of love, of alignment, of communion… it’s not for the faint of heart.

To be in inquiry, to choose to look at all the parts of you, to see where you fit in the collective and to take action based on your truth- this is a powerful, sacred path. This is the path of the warrior.

The time of the sacred warrior is now. The time to fight for what is sacred and meaningful and real for us is now. And we fight not with fists and guns and terror, but with love. We stand in love, choose love, act in love, and never back down.

What do you fight for?
What do you stand for?

Now is the time.

And I know there is a lot of tenderness happening right now. Please honor yourself.

If you don’t feel safe in your body, reach out for support.

If you need help unpacking and processing your emotions, reach out for support.

If you need a hug, reach out for support.

If you aren’t sure what to do next, reach out for support.

We’ve got this you guys. We can choose to see this as the beginning. The beginning of a much deeper level of awakening and return to love and union than we have ever seen.

You are not alone. We stand together.


With all the love in my heart,

PS: If you need support, reach out. Truly. This is not the time to isolate or try and figure it out on our own.