Let’s talk about you for a minute.

You are amazing. You have a dream, you are creating your art and your life’s work, you are driven by something deep with you that desires to be of service to this world.

Freaking fantastic, you are.

Now let me ask you something- do you ever feel like a fraud? Or like everything you’re doing isn’t worth it and you don’t have any motivation? Ever wonder where your inspiration went?

If so, you’re not alone.

In a recent survey I put out, I discovered that in the past few weeks, over 90% of entrepreneurs and artists have felt overwhelmed, tired throughout the day, and uncertain about what to do next.

NINETY PERCENT. 9/10. You are in good company.

Even when we KNOW our life’s purpose, even if in general what we do LIGHTS US ON FIRE (or, it did at one point), sometimes it feels like we’ve totally lost it, or we get stuck in the sea of to-do lists and trying to ‘figure it all out’.

Sometimes it isn’t even that bad- sometimes we are at a point of general contentment and complacency- work is fine, it’s good, but you are no longer JUMPING OUT OF BED in the morning to get to it. A lot of people may say ‘hey, that’s cool. You’re still ahead of most of the world.’

But not you, not us. For true visionaries and game-changers (as you well know), feeling ‘fine’ is like a death sentence.

What happens if you want MORE? Keep reading if you want your work to TURN YOU ON.

Loving Your Work, Inside and Out

There are going to be things that come up in the course of your business that aren’t going to be the most fun. In fact, some things you probably downright dread. Those things are always going to be there. Whenever you can, outsource those things, but when that isn’t possible, then what? How do you take care of business without avoiding, losing focus, or feeling downright uninspired?

Know Your Mission

Do you know your mission?

My mission is to change people’s worlds through fun, laughter, and love.

If you don’t know yours yet, that’s okay. You will find it, and it can always change. Whatever reason you built your business, or you create art- the effect you want to have on the world- start there.

To get through the yuck, there has to be a bigger vision. Let the long term drive the day to day. With each task, each situation, each experience, each day lacking in motivation, ask yourself-

How does this contribute to the greater cause?
In what way will doing this ultimate lead to me feeling good?
What lesson is here that I can be grateful for?

Ask yourself these questions in relation to your mission every single day.

Have you seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, Start With WHY? (If not, watch it. Right now. I’ll wait. In fact, even if you’ve seen it, watch it again!) He also has a book of the same title.

It’s essential, when building anything of lasting value, to understand why you are building it.

Once you have your mission, and know WHY it’s your mission, I’m going to ask you to take it a step further.


I want you to FEEL your Why. To know it, so crystally clear, that when you read it or say it or imagine it, you can feel the energy and inspiration bubbling up from somewhere deep inside of you, and you can’t help but giggle, just a little bit. (Similar feeling from slamming a glass of champagne, but without the headache the next day!)

This is you, turned ON.

When you REAAAAAAALLY feel it, and tap into it- you KNOW it. Heightened senses and awareness, colors are brighter, sounds are clearer, your body is on high alert- you are turned ON and turned UP and gosh darn it you can do ANYTHING!

Even the boring stuff. Even the thing you’ve been avoiding. Even when you don’t feel like it. (Especially then!) The more clearly you define why you do what you do, the more you can turn to that purpose to move you through times of misery, apathy, uncertainty, and disillusionment.

Write out your why. Write it and revise it and add to it and take away from it until reading it absolutely LIGHTS YOU UP. Go one step further and write out why you absolutely HAVE to make this happen, no matter what. REMIND YOURSELF TODAY so TOMORROW you can keep going. Your WHY is what feeds your mission, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what brings a smile to your face. You want it to feel BRILLIANT.

As an example, here is the most recent version of my WHY:

I want to look back on my life and know that in each and every moment, I chose the experiences, thoughts, and actions that made me feel most alive and connected. I want to live in a world where my kids grow up believing and learning that anything is possible, and are given ample opportunity and encouragement to explore what delights them. I absolutely have to make this happen because I feel most successful and joyful when I see and help other people succeed and love their lives. I want to be a living example of my yoga- courageous, deeply mindful, playful, and connected- for every single person I meet, because when my thoughts and actions are congruent, when my mind and body are in alignment, when I have the opportunity to share that with other people- I am filled with an incredible joy and energy that pours out of me, and the more I connect and share, the more energy I feel, resulting in more I can give. I want that feeling all the time, and I want the means to give that feeling to as many people as possible.

Allow your WHY to fuel your interactions. Let it be the lens through which you view your experiences, and the driving force behind your decisions and actions. And most importantly? Let it TURN YOU ON.

Turning Yourself On

When you know your Mission and your Why, you have all the tools you need to re-energize, get inspired, and take action. But what happens when you’re in a slump? When you know you WANT to be doing things, but you just aren’t sure you can?

There’s going to have to be a little bit of overcoming inertia on your part. In other words, get your ass moving.

Create a list RIGHT NOW of all the things you enjoy about the work you are doing and the value you are able to give people. Make this list when you are feeling good, and add to it when things come up.

My list has saved me more times than I can count. And even when I’m feeling pretty good, I like to do things on that list as much as possible.

Today I talked someone into their first handstand wall kick up. She was so excited, jumping up and down, laughing, giddy, hugging me, telling everyone she saw. And MAN IS THAT A RUSH FOR ME. Being present while someone works through their fears, giving them the tools I’ve used and practice with to get them there way faster than I did… AMAZING. I felt INCREDIBLE.

And I tell you this, because you have this ability, too. The ability to understand what makes you come alive, and to GO DO THAT.

Want to know how to turn yourself on?

Know yourself. Understand what lights you up. Love yourself enough to do those things. The world needs you.

So… what turns YOU on? Share below in the comments!