Dear Wanderer,

Our purpose in this life is to answer the calls of our souls.

It is time for us to honor our desire for connection and belonging in this world. Our deep longings to explore the wild places in our hearts can take a back seat no longer. It is our right to discover and know the places where we get to be ourselves, fully expressed, standing together in truth and freedom.

I believe…


In Our Divine Wild Essence.

Each of us is connected to the wild essence that runs through every living thing. This energy is an infinite source of inspiration, love, and power. We all have the ability to tap into this connection by living in our bodies and cultivating delight and devotion in the every day.

In Deep Self-Care.

Each and every one of us is already whole and worthy of love. Yes, right now. Honoring yourself, your body, your energy, and your desires allows for a much deeper capacity to honor others, the world, and your purpose on this planet.

In The Power of Movement.

Everything is made up of energy. When we breathe, move our bodies, shift our thoughts, we are moving energy. Creativity stems from movement, as an expression of our life force. By understanding and moving your body, inviting in acceptance and creating a sacred space within yourself, you create the energetic space of home.

That Joy is a Choice.

In every moment, we have the ability to choose our experiences. Through embodiment practices, through (re)discovering what brings us joy and makes us feel alive, and learning why we have prevented ourselves from these things in the past, we are equipped to choose the experiences we desire in every moment.

In Radical Responsibility.

You are ultimately the only person who creates your life. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions- they all belong to you. You have everything you need to be free- you always have. It lives within you. If something isn’t working, you are out of alignment. Once you know what alignment looks like for you, you can always come back to that place.

In The Magic of Ritual.

That which we hold sacred is a direct connection to the divine. A ritual is a habit or routine performed with intention, designed to elevate our experiences and honor ourselves. Rituals guide us toward alignment, and bring a sense of presence and trust into our lives. By setting up the rituals that feed your soul, you are creating an experience of sacred space and home wherever you are.

That Home is Not a Person, Place or Thing.

Your home is within you, and you deserve to feel welcome, safe, and fully supported there. We all have the capacity to find support and sanctuary within ourselves. We also don’t have to do it alone.

We deserve to choose how we experience our bodies, ourselves, and the world.

I want every woman to wake up each day feeling absolutely, deliciously herself and to fall asleep each night knowing she is held and loved. I want her to stand confidently in her place of power as a world changer and creator. In this way, we can craft a world where it is the norm to dwell in possibility, to allow our hearts to be our true guides, and to live in a space of love, joy, laughter and connection for generations to come.

Won’t You Join Me?

With love,