There are certain things that have been popping up in my client and friend conversations lately, and I’m wondering…ever had one of these thoughts before?

“I know I’ve gotta do SOMETHING”
“I don’t know how to make it all happen. What if it doesn’t work out?”
“I know what I’m supposed to do, but I can’t seem to take action on it”
“There’s a lot of pressure in trying to get it right”
“I’m just waiting for this one thing to happen, then everything else will fall into place”

Word. Me too. These are the killers! I sat on ideas and thoughts for almost a YEAR trying to get it right. And then I changed my tune. And shit started getting done.

How did I get committed and dedicated to my work while not being so serious and worried about how to make it happen all the time?

My goal is to help you find ways to be able to play and have more fun, in all areas and stages of your life and business.

Especially when someone is just starting out, or when they are making transitions/growing in their art, the importance of getting it right and getting their true message across can get really heavy.

We can be really great at making things difficult on ourselves!

So, how can you ease up? How do you release the pressure of getting it right, while still being fully dedicated and regularly showing up to your vision?


In the first episode of season 11 of Doctor Who (yes, that was in 1974. No, I was not alive. Shut up.), there is a passing bit of dialogue between the Doctor and his companion, as follows:

Sarah Jane: You’re serious, aren’t you?
The Doctor: About what I do? Yes, not necessarily the way I do it.

Two lines, no big deal, nothing earth shattering in the delivery. But, therein lies the key to having fun and playing with ideas, while releasing the pressure to deliver ALL THE THINGS perfectly right now.

Part 1: Be Serious About What You Do

It is absolutely okay to be serious about what you do. In fact, I completely encourage it. You have to believe yourself and take yourself seriously if you are going to bring others into your world.

1. Get Clear.

Be really clear on your mission- who you serve, why you create, what exactly you are about. With clarity comes trust in what you’ve got goin’ on, which leads to feeling freakin’ fired up and actually encourages consistent action.

The clearer and more specific you are on your mission and your vision for the world, the easier it will be to stay committed and aligned to it. When you deeply resonate with your mission, it will be a piece of cake for you to explain it, argue for it, and truly embody it. Speaking of…

2. Live Your Vision.

Do everything you can, right now, to live the way you want your life to be and the way you want the world to be.

Are you hand painting up-cycled t-shirts to give people the opportunity to feel unique and contribute to reducing waste? Awesome- in what ways can you feel unique right now? How can you reduce waste? What other areas of life does your vision encompass?

Maybe you are a nutritionist who helps busy moms feel vibrant, calm, and energized amidst their hectic schedules. Maybe you are a busy mom who doesn’t quite have a handle on this yet- that’s okay. Live the way you want your ideal clients to feel, to the degree that you are able.

3. Get Habitual.

Do whatever you need to do to create the habits and rituals you need to find success in your daily life. There are plenty of great articles out there on building habits and getting shit done– use your desire for your vision to fuel your determination.


Part 2: Play With HOW You Do It

Here comes the fun part. When you are laser focused clear on why you’re here and what you’re about, you are living your vision to the best of your ability, and you are creating rituals to support that lifestyle, everything else is open to you!

Want to make some money? Cool! What are all the different ways you can do that? Pick some and go do them. Don’t make as much as you want? No big- try something else.

Looking to get some of your work into a gallery, or launch a product and make 6+ figures? Awesome- do what you need to do, take the steps to make it happen, but there are so many ways to do these things- don’t worry about HOW it’s all going to work out- just take the steps you can think of and be ready for the unexpected.

In art school, I had a teacher who would make us sketch 100 thumbnails for every project idea we had, making them different styles, different angles, etc. We thought he was nuts, but it turned out to be an amazing exercise for increasing creative capacity.

Whatever it is you are working on, if you get stuck or start to feel heavy with how IMPORTANT it is, come up with 100 reasons why it’s possible for you. Write 100 sentences about what your project looks like from the points of view of 100 different animals or inanimate objects.

When you know your end result (see part 1), all the rest is optional. Everything you do is leading you to realizing your vision, so why not do the things that feel the most fun? Or, if there are tasks you are avoiding/dreading but they need to get done, focus on how light you will feel as you check them off your to-do list!

Be dedicated to your cause. Play with all the ways you can bring it more fully into the world. Be serious about what you do- just not necessarily how you do it!

And let us know in the comments below-

What is your cause? How can you play with getting your message out to the world?