March 16-19, 2017

Sonoma County, CA

When it comes down to it, your dream is to live every day feeling:

Lit up.
Tuned into the magic and flow.
Overflowing with aliveness.
Wildly nourished and fulfilled.

Knowing that no matter what comes your way, you are able to trust yourself to handle it, move through it, and ultimately thrive from it.

You feel the call to rise up and live from the voice of your heart- the voice that quietly whispers, “you can do it- let me show you the way” whenever you take the time to listen.

The Heart Vision Retreat is designed to guide you deep into the truth of your heart so you can be the woman who feels wholly nourished, divinely guided, wildly creative, and strong and confident in all parts of herself.

As we say goodbye to winter and celebrate the arrival of spring, we have a powerful opportunity to wake up and give nourishment to that which has lain dormant within you- the part of you that is ready to come out from hibernation and deepen into your fullest expression- body, heart, and soul.

Imagine receiving an entire weekend devoted to you, your visions, your creative expression, your magic, and your heart.

Coming together in a space with other fabulous women and connecting through movement, art, delicious food, and playing in nature.

Encouraging one another to vision deeply and fully the possibilities for what’s next, and clearing out any obstacles that may be standing in the way of seeing those visions come to life.

Nourishing all parts of you, and creating space to fill yourself up and express your unique magic in an intimate, loving group. 

Think of this retreat experience like a play date for your soul.

You’re going to move and connect and experience joy and play in a whole new way- from a place of nourishment for your body, your mind, your spirit and your Heart.

Retreat Schedule

THURSDAY 3.16 | Arrival and Opening Circle

5pm: Arrive at house

6pm: Dinner

8pm: Opening Circle

FRIDAY 3.17 | Unbiding + Releasing

8:30am: Yoga + Meditation

10am: Breakfast

11:30am: Session Time

1:30pm: Lunch

3pm: Session Time

5pm: Wine Tasting [optional] and Dinner in Sonoma

SATURDAY 3.18 | Visioning + Expressing

8:30am: Yoga + Meditation

10am: Breakfast

11:30am: Session Time

1:30pm: Lunch

3pm: Session Time

6pm: Dinner


SUNDAY 3.19 | Closing Ceremony + Departure

8am: Yoga + Meditation, Closing Circle

10am: Breakfast

11am: Check Out and Departure


NOTE: Specifics of our session time together are left out on purpose. This experience is going to be completely customized to the women in the room- where we go depends on what’s present in your heart, your body, and your life. I will bring my years of experience as a yoga teacher, movement guide, ritual facilitator, artist, intuitive, and healer along with all the tools needed to create a deeply nourishing, playful, and transformative experience guided by what’s present in each moment.

Topics, themes, and activities may include and are not limited to: sexuality and sensuality, self love/ self empowerment/ self care, working with goddesses and elemental energies, trusting your visions, boundaries and power, courage, knowing yourself, visioning and grounding into your dreams, body image, yoga, dance, hiking, art projects, ritual art, creative activation rituals, meditations and visualizations, energy healing, emotional activation and release, and so much more.

About Your Retreat Leader:

Kate Marolt is a transformational coach, yoga teacher, and artist who guides women on the process of becoming unapologetically who they are by connecting them to and nourishing all parts of themselves (mind, body, emotions, and energy). She believes that when a woman feels deeply connected and wildly nourished she is able to step into sovereignty- where she is the master of her life and the heroine of her own story. In this place, we are fully embodying Unbound Living- where we feel joyful, powerful, inspired, free, and so, SO alive every single day. Kate has helped thousands of women create this for themselves, and can’t wait to do the same with you on this retreat!

“Before this retreat, I was nervous. I was walking into the unknown, and that’s uncomfortable. Through hiking in nature, ritual releasing ceremonies, body connection practices, nourishing meals, and interacting with the goddesses, I feel like this retreat was moving in the most shifting of ways. I learned a lot about myself, and after this retreat I feel like my passions are closer to my heart than ever. I feel a sense of relief knowing I actually don’t care as much about how people experience me. I feel like sharing myself and expressing myself, and I love it!”
– Tasha Brandt

“I cannot emphasize how much of a shift this retreat was for me. Before the retreat I was feeling very anxious with life in general, navigating a LOT of change and feeling lots of worry and inability to make decisions. Kate held such beautiful space for me to experience several very powerful releases and shifts throughout the weekend. Our morning rituals and ceremonies really made me think about how to make ritual more a part of my life, and I have not had anxiety since being back. I feel clear and motivated. Thank you!”
-Kelly Wolfe

“This retreat was a wonderful time, where I felt truly cared for and my individuality honored. Before I arrived, I was feeling utterly in flux- I was aware of several crossroads rapidly approaching in my life, and am so thankful to have had the space created for this experience! I feel so much more grounded in my physical self, which is awesome, and I am now exploring the question: “What is possible if I am devoted to my own cause?” This retreat was an enjoyable, nurturing, and fulfilling experience!”
-Tracy Richardson

“I am so unbelievably, out of this world GRATEFUL that I got to experience this. Before coming on this retreat, I was feeling a lot of shame about where I’m at and that I’ve been screwing things up. A lot of self-doubt and an overwhelming sense of ‘I’m wasting time!’ After the retreat, I feel like I am treating myself with much more kindness and patience. During one of the rituals we did I realized how much nasty stuff I’ve been letting run rampant in my head and my heart about me. Writing it down and burning it away was unbelievably cathartic for me, and has brought in my newest mantra: Choose Kindness. It feels amazing to finally be on MY side! Kate is a deeply powerful healer, and I am so thankful for her work in this world.”
-Sage Dewey

What’s Included:


All accomodations are included
(3 nights, shared occupancy). 


Thursday: Dinner
Friday: Breakfast + Lunch
Saturday: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast


4 Intimate Group Sessions
2 Yoga + Meditation Classes
1 Wine Tasting
Opening + Closing Circles
Surprises! 😉


All art, writing, ceremony, and ritual supplies

30 minutes to be used within 30 days to remain connected to the energy,
to support integration and action, and to check in on best next steps for you.



Flights, Transportation to the House, Dinner Friday night  
Nearest airport is Santa Rosa (STS), and nearest major airports
Oakland, CA (OAK) or San Francisco, CA (SFO).
You are responsible for getting to the retreat house.
Options are provided once you register.

“I was a little unsure about this retreat. The biggest discovery I made was how easy it can be to be myself when I feel supported! I feel so full of energy and light- like something was awakened in me that is thrilled to be a part of the world.”

– Melissa Crocker

“Before the retreat I had absolutely no clue what to expect, and I was a little afraid I’d feel outside of the group. Now I feel grounded and open. I’m grateful to have met and connected with new and lovely people. I learned that my heart speaks instantaneously if I just trust and listen. Thanks for helping me feel welcome, safe, and nourished!”

– Mary O’Brien

“Before this retreat, I was feeling so rushed, like all the things were happening at once- work, life, everything! I also was bringing some guilt into it because I’d “left home” and was doing something totally only for me. During the retreat I loved the heart meditation and listening exercise! And I enjoyed the fluidity of timing and structure and allowing things to relax and flow. After the retreat I am feeling so calm and more grounded- like the world can still rush on past but I don’t have to let myself get caught up in it. I totally deserve to do things only for me and it’s awesome.”

  • Christine Gannon

“This retreat was magical. The way Kate stands in her truth and shows up so openly makes it so easy for each of us to do the same. I experienced growth that I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed. My heart feels so full not only from the work I did, but from all the connections I made and will cherish for a long time.”

– Jessica Vasquez

What does it take to be unapologetically you?

Free to dream, free to create, free to enjoy and delight in the magic of your life?

To be unbound and released from from:

Expectations and shoulds
A limited definition of what it means to be a woman

Taking care of others before you take care of yourself
Sexual shame and guilt
Hiding your magic and aliveness
Tension in your body
Avoidance of your creative gifts and visions
Fear of your power and potency

In order to create the space and container for you to:

Move the way your body and soul are craving to move.
Experience new levels of pleasure and ecstasy in your every day life.

Build a life in flow, in connection, in action with your deepest desires.
Be in service of yourself first and live from a place of fullness.
Step into joyful and radical creation of your life.

Play with movement and energy in a way that fuels your creativity.
Create and express yourself from a place of fun and childlike wonder.
Tune into and listen to your body’s wisdom as fact.
Feel really solid and at home within yourself.

Movement, art, ritual, nature, energy, magic, food, and a whole lot of love-
these are just a few of the ingredients we will be throwing into the mix of the retreat, along with
focused guidance in accessing your heart, and how to put the messages you receive into action.

Your life is yours to create. Let’s choose it together.

To gift yourself this magical, soul-filled weekend, choose your favorite option here:

* Please note that full retreat investment must be paid by retreat start.


What time is arrival and departure?

Please arrive at the house after 5pm and before 6pm on Thursday 3.16.
Checkout is at 11am on Sunday 3.19. Please plan to leave no earlier than 10:30am.
 Depending on where you are flying or driving in from, it may be up to a 2.5 hour commute to and from. Plan your timing accordingly.

How do I get to the retreat house?

Depending on what airport you fly into, you can rent a car, take a shuttle, or take a mobile car service. If you are looking to carpool, we can connect you with other retreat participants to see what magic you can create!

What if I have food allergies / restrictions / preferences?

All good! Our chef will be able to accommodate you, no problem.
When you register, you will be asked to share any food restrictions with us and we will take care of it.

How many women will be at the retreat?

Maximum of 10 women for an intimate experience.

Is there a payment plan?

Sure is! You can either pay in full at $997, or put down a $350 deposit to secure your space and remaining payments will be worked out between us.

Additional questions?

Email me at with anything at all!

Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Kate within 24 hours confirming your registration, along with directions for getting to the retreat house, a packing list, and more!

A Note from Kate

There is something so powerful and wonderful that happens when women come together in an intentional and loving space. Especially for those of us who have been trained to always appear to have it all together and to do it on our own, it amazes me the magic we are able to create and share and cherish when we allow ourselves to be supported, received, and witnessed by others.

Being in an environment that is devoted to the fullest expression of you- however that shows up in any given moment- will open so many doorways of magic and possibility for you. I am so honored and excited to be your guide over this weekend, and can’t wait to see what we create together!

Deep love and so much gratitude,