Freedom is a choice. To believe fully and completely in your own worthiness, your own abilities, your own voice- those are all choices, too.


I posted this morning on how to be committed to your cause without taking yourself too seriously. A lot of times we let all of the unknowns get in the way of our freedom, causing us to get stuck, worry a bunch, and generally not enjoy our present moments— which, frankly, is stupid, and I won’t have any more of it!

Even now though, sometimes I get drawn into the cycle of blah, where nothing feels right and taking action is simply not happening.

That is when it’s time to re-connect to the whole freaking point of what you’re doing in the first place, and to recognize that everything is possible for you- if you let it be.


Day 2 of the blog challenge poses this question:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Waking up naturally (no alarm clock!) in a new city, I take my time getting out of bed and going through mobility exercises and my yoga practice, really enjoying every move, every sensation, reconnecting to my body after a full night’s sleep. Sitting in silence, tuning in to me, allowing any insights about the day ahead to come to me as they will. This ritual takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. I spend the morning doing something creative- writing, drawing, designing- and connecting with my clients and partners, deepening relationships and developing what’s next. I definitely get outside before noon. Afternoons are dedicated to exploring, friends, and playtime. I definitely train (workout) in this time. My nights range from going out and being wild to staying in and recharging. Every night I fall asleep listing the things I’m grateful for.


This is one possible day in my fabulous freedom life. I have a lot of these things already. What is key in all of this is the sense of ease and connection I feel imagining that day.

Who would I be?

I would be someone who travels first class. I would explore all sorts of different corners of the world, and say YES to the things that turn me on. Spontaneous road trips. Speaking and teaching at events. Full capacity with clients and my international retreat schedule is booked a year out. Running my business by inviting intuition and understanding, collaborating extensively with others I connect with. Trusting myself and my Self fully and completely, knowing that I will always be provided for and that what I have to say matters. Speaking truly, connecting deeply, and loving freely. Someone who shows up on time, who is always seeking ways to help and be of service. Pure love.

I meant to write a more detailed description of my ideal business blueprint, but honestly, it looks a lot like what I wrote above, just with some more fine print. More than anything, I want to feel connected- to myself, to other people, to the present moment, to the world.

How about you?


This post is part of The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.

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