If you are looking to be a successful ONLINE artist or entrepreneur, one of the best things to do is have an email list full of your people!

Day 15 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge asks, “How are you building your email list?”

Glad you asked!

Currently I send out an email once a week to my list with a brief update and a link to the most recent blog post. I haven’t done a lot to advertise myself or create growth yet, and that is shifting as we move into autumn.

Along with the resources I said I’d be creating in Day 13, the emails I send out are going to differ a little bit. More quality resources every week!

Starting in October, I will be sending out emails twice a week.

#1: Monday Morning Movement email with a video of ways you can get moving that week. These will include physical movements, a play thought/meditation for the week, and a quick update.

#2: Thursday Update with the weekly blog article, links to other cool things happening on the internet, and a question to respond to.

Other strategies for building my list:

  • Guest posting in communities I’m already active in.
  • Running a Creative Movement Challenge in late October/early November
  • Mini-launch of a beta-test program for staying energized and healthy during the holidays
  • Hosting and guesting on webinars and podcasts

If there is anything you would like to see, please comment below or send me an email kate [at] katemarolt [dot] com.