The top desire my clients express is that for freedom to live and create and play however they want to.

Or, to put it another way, to quit playing it safe, stop taming the wildness in their hearts, and find the freedom of energy to be truly 100% who they are meant to be.

Sounds amazing, right? Who wouldn’t want a little of that?

I know I sure do. I’ve always gravitated toward freedom. From getting lost in books of magic and adventure to picking up and moving to a new city with ‘no friends, no jobs, no prospects’ (not my words), or hopping a transatlantic flight for a party or turning off my phone and going for a long hike, creating a life where I feel free has been integral to my well-being, my creativity, and my ability to feel playful and spontaneous every single day.

The more you are able to define exactly what qualities create a sense of freedom for you, the easier it will be to seek avenues that fulfill them.


 Clarity in what you desire opens up an infinite number of possible ways to come by that desire.

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Today’s question in The 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 3) asks:

What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

 Freedom means:

  • Having the ability to do any of the above things at any time without ruining my finances, my relationships, my set up.
  • Saying “yes” to an open spot in a car full of beautiful people, heading to anywhere
  • Recurring income streams that allow me to choose when I work
  • Trusting myself and my vision in a way that allows me to majorly try new things, create products and services that stretch me and expand me, and feel confident in my ability to serve and provide value, however that shows up
  • Not having to spend hours fixing and troubleshooting technical stuff, or dealing with scheduling, payments, etc- everything is automated and hired out
  • Only working with those I resonate with, and building partnerships, teams, and collaborations from a place of deep connection and alignment
  • Saying no when something feels off, and creating from intuition and invitation
  • All my belongings fit in my car, I am debt free and have no obligations such as rent in a particular place- the option is available to go anywhere at any time
  • A flexible schedule that allows plenty of time for yoga, reading, wandering, making art, cooking, and other activities that fill me up.

Adventure means:

  • Leaning in: to fear, discomfort, and uncertainty
  • New towns, new languages, new experiences
  • Authentic relationships and dedication to ‘realness’ – even when it’s rough (especially then!)
  • Reaching out to people who appear unreachable
  • Trying things I don’t know for sure are going to be successful in the way I see them being successful (Everything is a success- even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to, there is always a lesson to learn!)
  • No particular destination or goal
  • Conversely, it’s setting ridiculous goals and working toward them
  • Self-experimentation and always seeking knowledge, experiences, and understanding.


Do any of these resonate with you?

Some of them are specific, some are general- all of them give me a framework for understanding what freedom and adventure look and feel like to me. From here, I can create my life every single day from these principles to feel more freedom and find more adventure right now.

And you can do the same!

Freedom is a mindset and adventure is everywhere.


What do freedom and adventure look like for you? What one thing can you do to create more of them in your life, right now?


 30 day challenge