“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” -Albert Camus

What does it mean to be free?

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately, and the answers I’ve been receiving are really fantastic.

“Freedom means being able to do what I want when I want.”
“It’s having the ability to say no if something doesn’t light me up, so that I am completely ready and available for every HELL YEAH”
“Space to breathe and be quiet”
“Being able to creatively express myself and to share that expression with others”
“Raising my children with a sense of their own power and freedom”
“I feel free when I get to be outdoors, surrounded by nature”

Mmmm. Yes. So good. Any of those resonate with you?

Freedom is taking a stand for what you know to be true.

It’s taking the time to understand what lights up up and brings you joy- and then creating those things in your life as often as possible.

So…how do you do that?

Creating Your Freedom Blueprint

Part 1: What Energizes You?

The things that make me feel free are the things that energize me, that make me feel at home in myself and in the world- connected to everything around me and within me.

It’s going for a run through the woods
making up silly games to play
eating food that both tastes good and nourishes my body
watercolor painting
traveling to a new city
being with friends who inspire me…

What energizes you? Make a list.

Part 2: What Drains You?

Knowing what energizes you and lights you up is only half the game. The other half is knowing what depletes you and exhausts you and quiets your voice, so you can recognize where they show up and start to figure out how to minimize those things in your life.

Here’s what others have said:

“Worrying about money and not having enough time”
“Constantly trying to babysit everyone else’s feelings”
“My freedom gets stolen when I let myself get pressured into committing to something I’m not interested in”
“Juggling three jobs, two kids, and a mortgage”
“Being told I’m not enough by society and mainstream media”

What about you? What drains you?

Knowing the areas of your life that take away your energy and freedom is absolutely key for having the tools in place to fill yourself back up.

Now that you have your lists, let’s create your freedom plan!

Last week we talked about knowing your why and how to stay turned on in the world.

Make sure you have those results handy, too.

Freedom Blueprint:

It’s a simple formula:

What you desire: To feel FREE to be exactly who you want to be

Why you desire it: (Insert your WHY here)

How this shows up in your life: (Insert Energizing List here)

What prevents this from showing up in your life: (Insert Draining List here)

Things you can do to get it: (What makes you feel Energized?)

There you have it! Your blueprint for freedom.

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And finally, let us know- what does your Freedom Blueprint look like?