Ahh I’m so excited to share something with you today. Lately I’ve been really noticing how many awesome women there are in my sphere, who are up to really awesome things, and I wanted to bring them to you to share their magic! So, periodically I’m going to be having conversations with them and sending them your way 🙂

Today we begin these jam sessions with one of my favorite humans of all time, Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out. Amy has an amazing story, a fabulous perspective on life, and really great tips for how to make small, measurable changes in your life.

Check it out here:


Some session highlights include:

  • The sneaky ways old habits and world views can keep showing up in our lives, and what to do about them for REAL
  • How to stop putting off happiness, and how to begin shifting the belief of “If I can just have all of this in place, then everything will be okay, then the world will know I’m worthy and capable of anything.” to one of feeling okay and worthy and capable NOW
  • Beginning to understand what you actually NEED in your life, and how to tap into that from a place of love – when we hold ourselves to extreme standards, we are focusing on what other people need of us
  • Becoming a real life super hero- how to release fear-based goals, shift into love-based goals, and why this is extremely powerful for happiness and fulfillment
  • What you might actually be wanting when you say you want “confidence”, and how to cultivate it for realsies
  • …and so much more!!

Amy and I have also been running Facebook Live videos this whole month about Courage. To check out the latest, click here:

The Courage Series Part 3!


Enjoy the videos, and remember that everything you need is within you. Sometimes we just need to know how to find it! <3