You are Free to Be anything you want.


Whenever “I can’t” or some excuse comes up, know that it is a limitation you are placing on yourself based on a belief you have about the world.

Some beliefs I have grown up with include:

“It takes hard work, sacrifice, and struggle to be successful”
“Life can be tough”
“If you want to be an artist, you are going to starve”
“It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to make something of yourself”
“You can’t get something for nothing”

Any of those sound familiar?

Even today, amongst many people who have created freedom for themselves in their businesses and in their lives, talk about how it took ‘a lot of hard work’ to get to where they are today.

That’s cool- I agree with some of that.

On the one hand, creating freedom in your life, having your own business, dedicating yourself to your art- there is no question that these things are a considerable amount of work.

But one thing I don’t agree with- that all of that work has to be ‘hard’. That we have to struggle through and sacrifice health, a social life, and fun- even in the early stages.

Yesterday we discussed how Freedom is a Mindset and Adventure is Everywhere. When you are absolutely clear in the way you define your freedom and are working in alignment with who you truly are, the amount of work you have to do doesn’t magically disappear. In fact sometimes even more work appears as you step into the magnitude of the reality you are creating. But– that work? it’s no longer ‘hard’ or a ‘struggle’.

When you are on FIRE with your mission, PUMPED UP about what you have to offer, and IN TUNE with the flow of your energy and your brilliance, there is a major shift in the way you view work. It can (and in my opinion, should!) feel easy, fun, and free.

Even the stuff that does not light you up- if it is bringing you toward the stuff that does, and creating more fluidity and freedom for you, even that doesn’t seem quite so arduous or annoying anymore.


Day 4 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge asks: What is Your Definition of Location Independence?

On the level of the physical, material world, it means I can open my computer from anywhere and do all the work I need to do. It means my income is not tied to an office space, a mortgage, a specific local community, or having to show up to a physical location at any time to make money. I can work just as easily from a coffee shop in Switzerland as I can from the front porch of my parent’s house in Minnesota.

But that’s the obvious answer.

What does it mean to be truly location independent?

  • It’s not being tied to a singular mindset or way of being.
  • Location independence is finding joy in your work and your mission, wherever you are in the world or in your life.
  • It means releasing the stories you have depended on for so long about how success means struggle and sacrifice.
  • It’s allowing yourself to be swayed and moved by new possibilities, spontaneity, and the experiences that provide more delight in your life.
  • A release of ‘knowing’ how the world will look from day to day, and having trust in your self and your rituals to provide roots and a home for you.
  • It’s taking full responsibility for every thought, every action, every belief, every emotion, and having faith that wherever you go, you will thrive.

What does that feel like? Does it sound possible for you?

Where there are doubts, there are limiting beliefs. What can you let go of in your quest for freedom?