Day 16 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge asks, “How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?”

One of my mentors always says to hire before you are ready and invest in the growth of your company. I love this, especially because it is a little bit uncomfortable and scary- it asks you to do something on faith, trusting that your business will grow the way you want it to.

This company is called Free To Be because my vision is that everyone in the world will grow up knowing that they have the freedom to be and do and become whatever makes them feel the most alive, and that for those of us who didn’t grow up that way are able to find our way to that understanding and awareness.

I want the people who work for/with me to feel completely free to express their personalities, to grow and explore things they find interesting, and to be doing work that really fills them up energetically and utilizes their geniuses in a way that is fun, productive, and exciting.

As a recovering perfectionist, I have a tendency to try and do it all by myself. I also know how terrible this strategy is for maintaining health, minimizing worry, and creating freedom. Therefore, I will build my team around connection, play, doing work that feels good, and allowing for differing opinions and ideas as we continue to grow and evolve.

My vision is that there will be many different facets to this company, including and not limited to: Retreats and Conferences of all shapes and sizes, Online and In person workshops and classes, a Clothing line, Audio recordings, Books, Artwork, a Thriving community, and many Collaborations with awesome people.

Roles to Play:

This means a lot of different people working for me! Roles I can see in the fairly near future include:

Assistant: For sure within the next year I will be hiring an assistant to take care of scheduling, admin, and tech stuff. Qualities Desired: LOVES organizing, enjoys solving puzzles, doesn’t like to be front and center.

Event Coordinator: Takes care of contracts, requirements, makes sure events run smoothly, arranges venues, hotels, flights, scheduling, etc. Within the next 2 years. Qualities Desired: Loves executing logistics. Great with people. Enjoys finding awesome deals. Loves to travel.

Marketing & Media Manager: Creates launch plans, keeps social media up to date, comes up with ways to reach a wider audience, etc. May combine with assistant at first, within the next 2-3 years will be its own position. Qualities Desired: Fascinated by human psychology. Loves interacting with people. Excited about copywriting and relationship building.

Designer: Web/Branding, Clothes, etc (may be 2 different jobs) Within 1 year. Qualities Desired: Turned on by visual culture. Understands fashion, trends, good design and loves following it. Intuitive.

Distribution/Sales/Customer Service: Manages Inventory, Incoming Orders, Deals with Technical Difficulties & Customers– mainly for clothing and physical products (Within 2-3 years). Qualities Desired: Great with numbers. Anticipates needs. Likes making people’s days. Not afraid to ask questions and make demands.

Brand Ambassadors: Rockstars in the community who help spread the word, rock the products, and help create interaction and loyalty. Qualities Desired: Super enthusiastic about everything going on here. Willing to put in time in exchange for perks. Feel great when building other people up.


There will be more, but these I see coming up soon so I can focus on workshop/course content, interacting with the people, collaborative projects, and more- the things that fill ME up!