When Shame Creeps Up Unexpectedly

Hey there gorgeous! Happy Spring officially. There is so much magic in the air from the full moon, Easter, springtime- so much space for renewal, release, creating space, and opening into possibility. Which is why I was pretty surprised this morning to get smacked in...

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How to Feel Completely at Home in Your Skin

At the core of every woman I know, especially those like you who have a huge vision for the world and a wide open heart, is a deep desire to feel completely at home with who she is- home in her body, in herself, and in the world. There is no true success or happiness...

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Forget Your Habits! (The Power of Ritual)

Question for you- do you have any habits you are trying to create this year? Or maybe some you would rather not have by the end of the year? (Eating an entire jar of almond butter because you forgot to eat lunch or just...because? ....raises hand) For years and years...

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2015: The Year of Embodiment

Happy New Year! 2015... wow. I'm pretty sure we were all supposed to have flying cars by now! Even though Charlie (my car) is still firmly grounded, it's pretty cool to live in the future of video phones and casual international travel. BUT I digress! Back to New...

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Why You Self-Sabotage (And How to Move Beyond It)

Whether it’s the contents of your fridge, the lure of your newsfeed, being ‘really busy’, or skipping the gym, chances are if I asked you how you sabotage yourselfwhen things are going well, you’d have an answer for me. It amazes me how many powerful women get stuck...

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Having the Audacity to Show Up as ‘Enough’

Think about the people you know who magnetize a room. It doesn't really seem to matter what they are wearing, who they are with, or where they are. You just... want to be around them. And so does everyone else. Have you ever wondered how to become that person? These...

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