What if You’re Right?

hi love, happy Friday! (or whenever you're reading this!) I wanted to pop in with a quick video I made for you today. I've been reminded so many times the past few weeks how easy it can be to assume something is wrong, I did something wrong, that there is no way outs...

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When You Don’t Have Anything to Say

Hello gorgeous,   I always hope that when I write to you I will have something useful to share with you or something important to say. And sometimes, I don't know what to say.   I used to just not write until I had something "profound" to say. As if I have...

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Why We’re Breaking Up (Please Read)

Hi love,   Have you ever been through a tough breakup before?   To be honest with you, I spent 4th of July weekend in bed with a broken heart.   As I've been opening my heart, embodying the energy of ME, inviting a new amazing man into my life, and...

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Multitasking is NOT Queen: Your Brain On Distraction

Alright, it's time to address the elephant in the room. Or more like the iPhone in the room. What's the deal with MULTITASKING?! Last night I experienced a glorious three hour dinner with one of my favorite people on the planet. We had amazing conversation, soaked in...

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The Church of YOU: Sacred or Sacrilegious?

A new kind of worship... I want to share something with you today- something that both plays a HUGE role in feeling at home with and confident in who I am and that my Midwestern, semi-Catholic upbringing would, on the whole, certainly not approve of. Not even a little...

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When Shame Creeps Up Unexpectedly

Hey there gorgeous! Happy Spring officially. There is so much magic in the air from the full moon, Easter, springtime- so much space for renewal, release, creating space, and opening into possibility. Which is why I was pretty surprised this morning to get smacked in...

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