Stop Gathering Information and Start Living

Okay so I'm pretty fired up today. There have been several themes throughout all of my client sessions this week, and a big one that I keep hearing is, "I'm really good at researching and gathering information and learning new techniques- I could do that all day." And...

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Claiming Your Rebellion: What Do You Stand For?

This article was inspired by a group of 300+ rebels who came together last week in Clayton, Georgia for Camp Nerd Fitness. Have you ever been asked what you stand for? What you know to be true? What thing, if you were full of a room of thousands of people who believed...

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For when you would rather shut down than feel

Dear beautiful, sensitive soul,   It can be really intense to feel as much as you do. To walk through life experiencing every sensation, every reaction, every emotion- both your own and those around you.   I completely understand that sometimes it feels like...

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Summer Update

hello my dear, How are you? How has the glorious month of August been treating you? You may have noticed I've been quiet this month- I don't know about you but I always find myself dropping offline a bit during the heat of the summer. Last week I celebrated my 27th...

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What if You’re Right?

hi love, happy Friday! (or whenever you're reading this!) I wanted to pop in with a quick video I made for you today. I've been reminded so many times the past few weeks how easy it can be to assume something is wrong, I did something wrong, that there is no way outs...

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When You Don’t Have Anything to Say

Hello gorgeous,   I always hope that when I write to you I will have something useful to share with you or something important to say. And sometimes, I don't know what to say.   I used to just not write until I had something "profound" to say. As if I have...

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Why We’re Breaking Up (Please Read)

Hi love,   Have you ever been through a tough breakup before?   To be honest with you, I spent 4th of July weekend in bed with a broken heart.   As I've been opening my heart, embodying the energy of ME, inviting a new amazing man into my life, and...

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