Loving-Kindness Practice

WHAT IS YOUR ASK? (Also, a gift for you)   Today is 11/11. I don't know if that actually means anything. I like to choose to believe that, sure, why not? Why not look for reasons to believe in magic?   ***   My ask today, on this 11/11 portal, is this:   May I be free...

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Now it begins {Rise of the Sacred Warrior}

Hi dear one, I'm writing to you today on little sleep, and feeling the state of the world so deeply right now. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, confusion, and more around the election here in the US (and across the world), and I want you to know that whatever you...

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Self-Care is Not a Luxury

Hi love, Please read this carefully. I will likely repeat myself, because this concept is too important not to get. And I mean fully get and embody- not just intellectually comprehend without making any changes or shifts. First, a small bit of background. There have...

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The Three Things You Need To Be Free

Last week, for the third year in a row, I spent a week mostly offline in the woods in Georgia teaching at this magical event called Camp Nerd Fitness. And every year, I am more blown away than the last by how special this group of people is, and how honored and...

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What Real Self-Care Looks Like

Let's talk about self-care. Like, for realsies self-care. What does it mean to have a practice of self-care and to be of service to your body, your soul, your energy, all of you? I'm not talking green juice and yoga. Nor am I talking a checklist of things you have to...

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Stop Gathering Information and Start Living

Okay so I'm pretty fired up today. There have been several themes throughout all of my client sessions this week, and a big one that I keep hearing is, "I'm really good at researching and gathering information and learning new techniques- I could do that all day." And...

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Claiming Your Rebellion: What Do You Stand For?

This article was inspired by a group of 300+ rebels who came together last week in Clayton, Georgia for Camp Nerd Fitness. Have you ever been asked what you stand for? What you know to be true? What thing, if you were full of a room of thousands of people who believed...

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For when you would rather shut down than feel

Dear beautiful, sensitive soul,   It can be really intense to feel as much as you do. To walk through life experiencing every sensation, every reaction, every emotion- both your own and those around you.   I completely understand that sometimes it feels like...

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