There are so many great articles out there about the Holidays, staying sane, staying healthy, enjoying yourself, etc. etc. — I decided that instead of writing my own, I would pull a few to sample for you from around the internet!

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Salted Peppermint Fudge.
There are a million recipes out there for Christmas, and I know you have your favorites. I’m not even going to question them. This lady Maddie, aka Paleo Girl in the City, makes some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life, and these little delights are no exception.

Paleo Girl in the City – Salted Peppermint Fudge


Staying Healthy Amidst Temptation & Staying Sane Around Your Family.

My girl Amy Clover over at Strong Inside Out is a ROCKSTAR at staying healthy and energized. Check out her two articles below- one with family survival tactics, and one filled with goodies on how to stick to your nutrition plan and workout schedule, even amidst all the crazy!


Strong Inside Out – Fielding Unsupportive Family Pressure (& Stick to Your Healthy Guns!)

Strong Inside Out – Healthy Holiday Helper (FREE Worksheet, Nutrition Guide, & Workout Plan to Keep You on Track!)

Nerd Fitness is one of my favorite sites. This comprehensive guide has you covered. And there are LEGO people, so, bonus!

Nerd Fitness – How to Avoid Holiday Confrontation While Living Healthy

And just in case you want some more, check out the following from Leo Babauta and Tia Sparkles- both brilliant takes on coming from a place of mindfulness, love, gratitude, and compassion- both for yourself and your family.

zen habits – Family Gatherings: The Ultimate Mindfulness Training Ground

Your Life Your Way – 5 Healthy Ways To Engage With Family (When They’re Driving You Crazy) This Holiday Season


Alternatives to Gifts & Resolutions

Both of the following articles are from bloggers who are more or less minimalists- and what they have to say applies to all year round.

Happy Herbivore – 3 Ridiculously Easy (and Rewarding) Things to do in 2014 – A Great Idea for a Christmas Present


Taking Time For You.

Amanda is an incredible business and money coach, and one of the reasons she is so successful is she knows how to SLOW DOWN. Check out her tips for making sure you get some space.

Amanda Abella – 6 Ways to Slow Down During the Holidays

These two articles from Tiny Buddha aren’t necessarily holiday specific, but man do they apply! Recharging and relaxing are essential, especially if you are in the northern hemisphere- short days (and potentially COLD days) give space for simply being.

Tiny Buddha – Let Yourself Be Instead of Trying to Get Things Done

Tiny Buddha – We All Need Alone Time – Do you Allow Yourself Time to Recharge?


If you’re into the Planets…

This article about Venus going into Retrograde is pretty cool.

Mystic Mamma: Venus Goes Retrograde Solstice Day 


I know there are a million great articles out there on the internet- what are some of your favorites that have come up this holiday season?