Happy New Year!


It’s not New Year’s without gold and sparkles and cheering, right?

Even if it’s two weeks in to the year, who says we can’t still celebrate?

This year, instead of setting a bunch of resolutions and goals on your own, I dare you to ASK for what you want. Or, as my friend Janet says, DECLARE what you want.

Watch the video below, and then let’s take the steps needed to enjoy 2014 with clarity, ease, and a whole lot of fun!


How to Ask for What You Want

Now, you can ask for anything. What’s important is the way you ask for it. Check out the difference between these two:

“Hey Universe, could you pretty please help me get clients in my business and drop 10 pounds off my body and have more people like me? I’m asking really nicely!” … and then proceed to not change anything.


“Hey Universe, this year I want to create a steady stream of clients that are awesome to work with, a strong healthy body, and a group of friends I can be silly and serious with. How about this- I will do things like ask for client referrals, eat food that’s good for me, and strike up conversations with people everywhere I go. If you could help me out by sending some amazing connections my way and putting some signals in my path every once in awhile that I’m on the right track, that would be great! Thanks!” …and then take action where you can, confident that everything else is being put in place for you.

Yeah, the second one is way better. Here’s why:

Scenario #1:
This ‘ask’ is passive. There is noo emotional connection- just stating generic goals and wishes. It puts everything outside of the self, and doesn’t take any responsibility for making it actually happen.

Scenario #2 (AKA How to ASK):
This ‘ask’ is active- it not only declares what you want, but each ask is tied to an emotional connection or feeling- clients that are awesome to work with, feeling strong and healthy, space to be both silly and serious, which anchors it to what you truly desire. It’s making a commitment to take action and work toward what it is you want. The ‘asking’ part comes in seeking a little bit of ease and help from things beyond your control- a few extra bits of luck and coincidence thrown your way.

Make Your Ask:

Create the Intention
Take a look at your goals, and ask yourself, “why do I want these things? What will each of these goals give to me?”
(Example: dropping 10 pounds makes you feel strong and healthy)

Ask yourself what it would feel like to already have these things. Close your eyes, and imagine that feeling.

Set the Sacred Space
Ideally you have somewhere quiet you can do this. Turn off your electronics, eliminate distractions, sit up tall. Maybe light a candle to give flame to your ask- all while sitting with the feelings of your goals and dreams already realized.

Make Your Ask
When you feel really good, and really clear, make your ask. Know what you are willing to commit to to make your goals happen, and take a second to think about the ways in which you could be given a little help.

Get really CLEAR and ASK for it.

Everything you want will happen a LOT faster when you follow this process. Do it once, do it every week, every day- it’s up to you.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it.

Decide you want it.

Ask for it.

Go after it.

What is your big ask this year?