The Year ofEmbodiment

Happy New Year! 2015… wow. I’m pretty sure we were all supposed to have flying cars by now! Even though Charlie (my car) is still firmly grounded, it’s pretty cool to live in the future of video phones and casual international travel. BUT I digress!

Back to New Year. New cycle, new 365, new possibilities. Every year for the past three years I’ve set a theme word through which to frame my year, and to the best of my ability every decision, action, and intention is created around cultivating that theme. I’m guessing some of you do this too!

It’s amazing to look back at what has shown up from these themes:

2012 was EXPANSION-

and boy did I! I began the year as a restaurant hostess/ fitness instructor and ended it as a full time instructor + design/marketing manager. My heart was broken a couple of times. I got used to the slight discomfort of pushing the edge.

2013 was ADVENTURE-

also known as the year I did a 200 hour gymnastics teacher training while terrified of handstands (not terrified anymore!), flew to Norway just for a party, quit all my jobs to teach, train and coach full time online, and sold all my stuff to be a full time traveler. Hmmm YEP! Adventure is now more than ever deeply embedded into who I am.


2014 was MAGIC-

this was a tougher year than I expected. Even though I know better, I secretly was hoping everything would be bright and shiny and fluffy all the time. There was plenty of magic like I was thinking of- 2 months in Bali, money showing up right when I needed it, leading TWO international retreats, amazing people and experiences, launching a successful first group program (stay tuned for round 2!), more than THIRTY flights, as well as literal magic in my deepening connection with energy, my body, universal law, crystals, tarot cards, and an overall attitude of possibility. (Not to mention lots of glitter!)

What I DIDN’T expect was how much frustration, depression, disappointment, anxiety, and anger I was going to feel. Something I’ve learned from my yoga practice and understood on an intellectual level is that the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. Meaning the more light we allow in, the more we will have to face our shadows- even the deep dark ones we would prefer to never ever look at or be in. Which, I GOT, but let’s be honest, I had felt ENOUGH darkness! Or so I thought.

There were a couple of times that I thought 2014 would break me. Some of my closest friends and coaches have seen me as a complete mess, certain I wasn’t going to make it. (That’s the beauty of actually having support, btw- people out there who will hold you to your highest self, no matter what- that’s priceless).

And now, coming to the end of it, having gone through and breaking and destroying old beliefs, structures, ways of being, getting really f*cking uncomfortable, and dealing with things I would rather have avoided, I can truly say and feel in my bones that there is even Magic in the Darkness. I had no idea that’s what I would find at the end of this year. But for the first time in my life, I can FEEL life’s magic, whenever I want to, and I not just in my head- I can feel it deep within my body and my power. And THIS feeling? I want to explore it on a MUCH deeper level, in ALL aspects of life.

That’s why 2015 is The Year Of Embodiment.

I’ve studied and worked with other people’s bodies as a yoga teacher and fitness professional for almost 5 years. The past 2 years I’ve been learning about energy bodies and how our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experiences are intimately connected.

To be EMBODIED is to be in the NOW.

PrintIt’s to be living in and feeling all aspects of yourself through your physical home (your body)- fully experiencing every inch of your life.

It’s to not just SAY you’re going to do this or that, it’s truly stepping into BEING and DOING in total ALIGNMENT with who you want to be and the values that matter most to you.

When you are embodied, you are fully you- wild, free, and connected on a deep level within yourself and to the world around you. You don’t hide from what really matters to you, you quit giving in to excuses, you make bold moves, and you have a great ability to speak your truth.

You’re not just dreaming about what your life could be- you’re LIVING it.

As you’re reading this, I’m on a plane to Medellín, Colombia to ring in the New Year in style and in love.

This was not a planned trip. I made the decision to go on Monday afternoon, having no idea how it was going to happen. There is magic in decision. There is magic in following your heart and being fiercely dedicated to your values. 5 hours later my flights were booked, I won’t be back in the States for at least 5 weeks, and my soul has been singing and dancing around in joy ever since. (Cheesy, I know- but so freaking true).

This is what life can be when you are embodying your values and making decisions based on the life you desire to have rather than being stuck in your current reality.

I deeply desire for you to feel, in your own way, what it’s like to play full out. To get in touch with your body, your energy, your power. To have a big dream and know how to immediately tap into the magic that shows up when you 100% decide to make it happen. To trust in your intuition, to feel vibrant and wild and free and radiant and connected and full to the brim with love and energy.

Next week I’m hosting a webinar on my favorite embodiment practices to get you in the zone of YOU and deeply connected to your power. More details on that on Friday, but for now, I would LOVE to know:

What is YOUR word for 2015? What theme or value would you like to cultivate in your life this year?

Email me kate [at] katemarolt [dot] com and share with me your word. Or if you don’t know, write back and say “I don’t know yet!”

For everyone who does, I’ll send you over the ‘Embodying Magic’ visualization I do with my private clients so you can get started right away!

Have a Happy Magical Embodied New Year!!!