Kate Marolt | Fire Up Your Life

Creating Lives & Work based in PLAY for Bad Ass Women Everywhere-because life is meant to be FUN!

You know those days you are never going to forget?
Days full of adventure, creativity, fun, and laughter?

Wouldn’t you love to have those days every day?

I know, I know. You are super dedicated to you work. Building something that matters, tapping into your creativity, pulling resources- you are a master of hustle and a powerful creator, and MAN do you have a lot of STUFF to do. No questions there.

So, tell me honestly- when’s the last time you build FUN into your business plan?

I believe that action-taking, ass-kicking creative visionaries (that’s you!) are going to transform the world.
And I KNOW that it’s pretty darn near impossible to transform the world when you are isolated and neglecting the kid in you who sometimes just wants to go outside and play.

Ever fear that you are going to run out of ideas?
Wonder if self-doubt and lack of direction are going to kill your spirit?
Feel like you don’t deserve to have fun until you’ve made something of yourself?


That’s where I come in.

I am here to help you build replicable systems and structures for your life and business that will absolutely create an abundance of CONFIDENCE, joy, fun, enthusiasm, Freedom, and Adventure EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What’s the point of changing the world if you aren’t able to fully enjoy living in it?

I am giving you PERMISSION.
To PLAY, to WORK HARD, to TRY NEW THINGS- and, most importantly- TO HAVE FUN DOING IT!

The more you move your body, the clearer you will become mentally.

Learn to play in your imagination, tap into your creativity, and generate enthusiasm whenever you want!

Quit waffling, stop letting distractions take over your days, go out in the world and make real connections- so you can build and create from a place of deep alignment, freedom, and enjoyment.

Even better- You don’t have to do it alone- I can help! Learn more.

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Life is a Grand Adventure and the meaning of life is simply to live it-
to have fun, to learn a lot, and enjoy ourselves every day.