Do you ever feel heavy in your body, in your mind, in your life?

Are you super done with foggy and anxious mornings, boring exercise routines, and repeating affirmations until you’re blue in the face waiting for everything you desire to come true?

Excellent. Here’s the thing (the secret sauce, if you will):

Your body is not separate from your mind or your heart.

Your ability to manifest, create, and make the impact you were born to make is directly related to how at home you feel in your body.

If you’re feeling heavy in your body and in your thoughts, your ability to move forward and make an impact is going to be severely limited. You’ll find yourself holding back the brilliance of who you are and slowly fading away onto the sidelines.

The solution?

EMBODIMENT: Being in and living from your body.

When you feel at home in your body, you step into embodiment, and when you are embodied, you are able to fully express the totality of who you are and truly live your purpose.

I’m Kate Marolt and I help women lose the heaviness (in their bodies, thoughts, and actions) that keeps them from their spotlight. Through my specially developed embodiment practices I help you reconnect to your body and reclaim the sacredness within so that you can stop waiting for perfect and start creating magic, pleasure and wild freedom in your life.

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